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Happy Thursday! The week is already almost over!

This summer I’ve been trying to eat more oatmeal because I have SO much lying around. I’ve noticed in the blogging world that many make “overnight oats” as a quick and healthy breakfast. At first I thought it looked disgusting like puke but then I noticed some were actually pretty nice when decorated with colorful fruit. Looks can be deceiving because when I made mine, I really liked it and have been eating them a few times a week this summer! It took a a couple tries to mix up the ratio of ingredients to see how I liked my overnight oats. It was fun adding whatever I wanted to suit my taste! I didn’t really bother making it look pretty…I would if I had some colorful berries (pricey!), but I worked with what I had.

Time to make overnight oats!

Time to make overnight oats!

Put this in the fridge

This doubles after you put in your fruit the next day

The next morning I usually add a little bit of milk to thin out the oatmeal then chop up an apple or peach and add it into my mason jar, mix it all up and pack it to go. Adding some kind of fruit! It adds a perfect natural sweetness! I also like it because it’s a pretty filling breakfast that keep me full until lunch since it packed with protein from the yogurt and oats and fiber from the oats and fruit 🙂


dash of cinnamon and nutmeg

dash of cinnamon and nutmeg

In the future, I would definitely try adding more stuff like granola, berries, bananas, flax seeds, dark chocolate, dried fruit, nuts, etc. Note, this might not to everyone’s liking, but it’s worth a try if you want a new healthy breakfast that you can make the night before and bring it with you to school or work! 🙂

For more ideas and examples of what you can put in your oats, check this blog out!  http://www.katheats.com/favorite-foods/overnightoats

Overnight Oats


  1. 1/2 cup old-fashioned Quaker Oats
  2. 1/2 cup milk (any kind you want, I used vanilla soymilk)
  3. 1/4 plain Greek yogurt (you can also use flavored yogurt too)
  4. pinch of salt
  5. 1 tsp vanilla extract
  6. 1-2 tsp sugar (or other sweeteners: honey, agave, etc.)
  7. 1 serving of chopped fruit

My go-to add ins: cinnamon, nutmeg, instant coffee powder


Mix everything and put in a bowl (or a mason jar for to-go) and refrigerate. The next morning add a couple tablespoons of milk if you want to thin it out (it will look chunky). Add whatever adds-in you like and enjoy!

yuummmy goodness!

yuummmy goodness!