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On this blog, I’d also like to share about food and places that I find absolutely delicious and noteworthy! One item that is very close to my heart is HUMMUS. I LOVE hummus-i can just eat it right out of the container…everyday! It has an unbelievably creamy texture with flavors of lemon and tahini in every bite. Yum! The protein and fiber from the pureed chickpeas and the healthy fats from the olive/canola oil makes this a healthy power snack. My favorite things to dip in hummus is carrot sticks, any kind of savory cracker, pita bread and pita chips. Sometimes I make sandwiches with slathers of hummus and other good stuff to pack for lunch when I go on campus. Quick and easy!



Trader Joe’s has the best selection of hummus in my opinion. They have so many options and I believe they are actually cheaper than Safeway and Whole Foods. I take the longest time deciding which flavor to get everytime. I guess I looked conflicted yesterday cuz a girl picked up a Mediterranean Hummus and said “THIS one is really good. You should try it. And the eggplant one too.” It feels nice when someone shares the same likes as I do. I think it’ll try the Mediterranean one next time because yesterday I wanted something cheaper and smaller. So I chose the garlic hummus because my friend said it was SO good. I decided to get the Savory Mini Thin Crackers flavored with soy sauce to dip to complement my hummus. These crackers are super addicting. They are made with brown rice flour so it’s kind of like eating soy sauce with rice but only crunchy! The soy sauce gives it a nice shiny and smooth glaze. AND it has flax seeds so it gives me my daily omega-3s! 😀

I think as of today, I ate almost half of the hummus and half the bag already…. D: Hehe